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Commercial Photography

Serving local businesses around Denver, Colorado

Want to grow your business?

With a little investment you will increase sales, reduce returns,

highlight your product and engage your customers

We provide professional commercial and product images to companies and individuals 

for advertisement, Amazon and Ebay, website and print


Standard product shots include:

  • White background for e-commerce and Amazon
  • Basic post processing including color and white balance correction, minor product blemish removal
  • Digital files for web or print use
  • Fast online delivery
  • One week or less image delivery time depending on quantity
  • Pricing includes processing

Cost per hour of shooting $250

Cost per image $25-$50 depending on quantity



We also provide chroma key (green screen) and ghost mannequin photography.

We'd be happy to discuss your project and help make your vision a reality!

Ghost mannequin photography


  • Extensive post processing work available as requested 


Licensing photographs

Photographs are licensed by photographers to clients. A photographer always owns the photographs he/she takes. When shooting for a client, the photographer grants a license to the client to use the photos for certain purposes. When hiring Raemirue Photography, it is agreed to by client unless otherwise stated that any and all images taken by photographer may be used by the studio for any purpose including but not limited to marketing and promotion. Client may purchase exclusivity rights for an additional fee. 


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When you look for a commercial photographer in Denver we understand you are looking for quality at a reasonable rate. We work with many new and start up companies on a budget. A good portfolio is a must when you make your decision to hire a commercial photographer. Make sure your photographer edits all the images to correct for lighting and white balance. Shooting commercial and product photography takes skill and experience. We have both to serve your needs.

Product photographer in Denver, Castle Rock, Parker, Littleton, Colorado