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It's that time of year again. The Hallmark Holiday that makes us feel obligated to do a little something more for our partners, spouses, lovers. Which chocolate or bouquet of flowers should we get him this year? Blah blah blah. Valentine's gifts always stressed me out. Quite frankly I don't like the obligation that it is. But I do like feeling sexy. For him, sure, but even more so for me! I have 2 kids so it's not often, actually it's NEVER that I get to dress in my lingerie I bought years ago tucked away in the 'save for later' box.

Denver boudoirValentine's giftBoudoir photography

This event is designed for YOU. It's an opportunity to feel AMAZING about yourself. To be pampered and celebrate the wonderful being you are. Keep reading! When you're ready to book, the contact info is at the bottom.

Parker, Co Valentine eventBoudoir photography event DenverValentine's gifts

I will be opening February 3rd as another option depending on registration.

Register HERE


Laci Eaton, with Wonderland Beauty will be providing hair and makeup for $100 and even put on eyelashes for the gals for a little extra glamour. I HIGHLY recommend this. Let me know ahead of time to properly schedule the day!

Champagne will be served and I promise you will feel as beautiful as you already are!


© Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography

Denver BoudoirDenver BoudoirBoudoir session Denver BoudoirDenver BoudoirBoudoir session

Give the gift of YOU this Valentine's day. You're worth it. 


So here's how this is gonna go down. You pay $199 and get a 45 minute session. You will receive 2 fully retouched digital files with copyrights. I have designed exclusive product pricing for this event.....stay tuned for what will be available from your session! Think little black book, night stand portrait for him, etc.


We are booking these sessions in 60 minute increments starting at 11:00am on Sunday, January 28th. Please click the link to reserve your spot now! The time you choose is the time the photos start. If you opt to have hair and makeup with Laci, please be there one hour earlier.


All of these women received a video slideshow of their session....I will be posting that soon.


Take a look at the BOUDOIR MAGAZINE. This will give more information on what to expect and how to prepare. It also has a standard price list in the back (you'll see what a deal this event is!)

Raemirue Boudoir Magazine


Questions? Send me an email to hello@raemirue.com or call 303-975-6746 for more info.


Please comment below and share your thoughts!!


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Holiday Mini Sessions https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/11/holiday-mini-sessions Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday mini sessions are now being scheduled. Click here to reserve your spot!

Space is limited. Details below.


Denver PhotographerMini SessionsIn Parker, Colorado


Schedule me now!

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boudoir https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/11/boudoir
Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography

Check it out! Newly published boudoir magazine offering all the need to know information when scheduling a boudoir photography session.


View the details!


Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography








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$25 holiday photos https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/10/-25-holiday-photos Holiday photos


Are you ready for the holidays? I know. It's still early. Which is why I'm ahead of the game here to offer family holiday photos for your holiday cards 

On November 9th at the PACE Center in Parker I will be offering mini holiday photo sessions from 12pm-8pm. This special event is a fun and affordable way to get your holiday photos done quickly and in plenty of time for the holidays!  Click here for more

These sessions will be fast paced and last approximately 10 minutes. Come photo ready. Limited props will be available. 

Details: Please be on time. No refunds will be given for missed appointments. Images will be sized for you to print up to 5"x7". You will get a download link at the event. Set will fit up to 4 people. Images will be ready within 2 weeks of event. Final images chosen by photographer. By registering you agree to release your photo for portfolio or future promotional use. Got questions? Email Raemi at hello@raemirue.com and check out my Facebook page to stay up to date on current specials http://www.facebook.com/raemiruephotography 


Save me a spot!


Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography


Register here


Questions? Email me at hello@raemirue.com



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Fall fashions for photo shoots https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/9/fall-fashions-for-photo-shoots What to wear guide for fall photo shoots

Ever wonder why the people in portraits from high end photographers look so good? I'll tell you the secret. You don't have to pay top dollar to look great in portraits of you or your family. But you do have to do some thinking before the session. Consulting with your photographer about what you are going to be dressed in is about as important as the session itself. Your photographer should help guide you with what to wear, and what not to wear. You may think those white tennis shoes will be fine with what you've chosen to wear, and maybe they are, but talk to your photographer about it before you show up for your session. It's the small details that speak the loudest. Every detail matters. 

Below are some examples of photo shoot ideas that will get you going for fall sessions. 

Men- scroll down. There's something here for you too!


fall wardrobe for a photo shootWhat to wear for women


MY ADVICE: Use your free wardrobe consultation that (hopefully) came with the photographer you've chosen. It will make a world of difference in the look of your images for years to come.

(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) family photographer photo shoot portraits professional photographer wardrobe consultation what to wear https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/9/fall-fashions-for-photo-shoots Sat, 02 Sep 2017 16:26:48 GMT
The 4 Most Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Starting a Photography Business https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/8/the-4-most-common-pitfalls-to-avoid-when-starting-a-photography-business Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with turning their passions into profits, and photographers who are looking to transition from hobbyists to business owners are often no different. To find success, you need to know how to avoid failure. In this post, we’ll discuss a few dangerous pitfalls to sidestep when launching a photography business.

1. Pricing on Experience, Not on Profit Margins

This may sound counterintuitive, but you shouldn’t price your services purely on your experience level, even if you don’t have much professional experience in photography. Most beginning photographers make this mistake because they don’t have the confidence to price their services at a fair and reasonable rate. Failing to price yourself properly can cause your business to topple before it even gets started. 

Instead of calculating your rates based on your experience, determine your prices based on how much you want to make.

A successful business is a profitable one, and if your business isn’t profitable because you’re too worried about your lack of professional experience, it will fail before it even takes off. Factor in all your expenses and taxes, and determine how much revenue you need to generate to make a decent profit. This doesn’t mean that your prices need to be sky-high when you’re just starting out; it means that you charge enough so that your business can succeed. As you rack up more experience and skill, it will make sense for you to charge higher prices, as you will have more leeway to do so. Just make sure that your rates when you first start out are respectable, as this will help your business survive the beginning stages.

2. Investing Too Much into Photo Equipment

Many rookie photographers make the mistake of investing a large slice of their earnings into newer technology and equipment that they believe will help them be a better photographer. While it’s not necessarily a bad idea to invest in better equipment, it’s not something that you should worry about if you’re especially strapped for cash. Think of it like this: if the equipment doesn’t help you make more money or help you command higher rates, there is almost no point in making the investment.

3. Not Running the Business Like a Machine

Your business needs to be predictable. There should be reliable processes in place that can ensure that the job gets done right, and that the customer is satisfied. If you don’t know what to do in each stage of your business operations, things will be chaotic.

From the moment a potential client contacts you, there should be a system in place that that provides an answer on what to do next.

For example, let’s put together a simple client conversion system- Once a potential client contacts you, follow these steps:

1.Ask a series of standard questions that will help to get a better idea of what the client wants.

2.Scheduling a phone to discuss, in great detail, how you can accomplish the project

3.If you haven’t spoken to the prospect for a period after that phone call, call back or send an email to follow-up to see if there were any additional questions or concerns.

4.Once the client has decided to use your services, send an invoice to complete the sale.

Having a system like that is a good frame of reference from which you can operate your business. Often, you’ll find photographers who do things differently with each client they deal with, which can cause confusion, create inconsistency, and impede progress on a project.

4. Not Having a Target Customer

While you may have the capability to shoot photos for anybody, it’s not something that you necessarily want to do. The problem that many fledgling photographers have is that they try to serve anybody that’s willing to pay for their services, but they’re unable to attract clients in significant numbers.

Instead of trying to serve everybody, determine your customer and dial in your marketing to focus on that type of customer.

This is why there are different photography disciplines. Some of the more successful photography studios will focus on one type of customer—whether they shoot weddings, models, families, or graduating students. Follow these tips for understanding your target base:

  • What’s the average age of your ideal customer?
  • Where does your average customer spend their time online?
  • Why would they need a photographer?
  • How are your competitors targeting this niche of customers?

Answering those questions will help paint a better picture of who you’re trying to target, and how you can go about closing them.

5. Not Using the Tools Available

Once your business starts to take off, keeping up with demand can be quite challenging. Although this is a great problem to have, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of tools available to help you with your editing process. For example, MCP Actions creates photoshop action sets to help you streamline a wide variety of workflows.



You’re going to make mistakes when starting a photography business. However, if you can avoid the major mistakes, your business will stand a much better chance at surviving the inevitable growing pains. 


(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) actions business editing help lightroom mcp photo photography photoshop tutorial https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/8/the-4-most-common-pitfalls-to-avoid-when-starting-a-photography-business Sat, 19 Aug 2017 22:30:56 GMT
Mother's Day Sessions https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/4/mothers-day-sessions-denver-mini Limited Mom and Me Mini Photo Sessions

If you live in or around Denver I'd love to meet you and your children for a photo session. 

HINT: These "Mom and Me" Mini Sessions are also available as a gift and make the perfect mother's day present. They are also available for soon-to-be moms and grand moms! Fur babies count too, so if you have a cute pet this would be a great opportunity as well!


 These minis will take place at a park with a little lake and tiny waterfalls off Parker Road and Orchard.

Sunday, May 7th 2pm-6pm

20 minute sessions


Call 303-975-6746 to reserve your spot



Many moms find themselves behind the camera taking pictures of your kids, but how often are we in the pictures with them? And, even if you do have a few snapshots on your mobile device, how often have you liked them enough to print them out and hang them on your walls?


Our children are the most important people in our lives, and so as parents when we look back upon the close connection we share with them, wouldn't it be nice to have a few images that truly capture that bond between you? Now that I've asked you these thought provoking questions...



After coming to the conclusion that I want to be "in" more pictures with my kids, I realized that many other parents out there may also feel the same way. I've come up with a special offering. It's called the "Mommy and Me" Mini-Session. This themed mini session is an abbreviated session of a regular portrait shoot and only available for a limited time. It is specifically designed for moms on-the-go who want a photo taken with their child, but who have a very busy schedule. Keep in mind that you can schedule a customized shoot with you son or daughter any time of the year. And while the flowers, candy or jewelry that Moms usually get for Mother's Day or on her birthday will be appreciated, there is nothing she will cherish more than a custom photo session with her child. NOTHING!


Every time you gaze at the mantle, wall or bookcase, even when your child is grown, you can fondly recall that day you shared a photo shoot with your child; the baby you raised from birth. No matter the age, from infant to teen or even adult, the "Mommy and Me" Mini Session will become an unforgettable reminder of the love and bond you share with your child.





Mini                                                                                              $150

Session includes 20 minutes of shoot time, 5 downloadable images delivered via personal web gallery to share and order from. 


Show Off add-on                                                                           $225

Display your images with a custom desktop image folio. Great for desks or nightstands. Receive and 2 gift prints with order (8x10 or smaller)


Go Big add-on                                                                               $550

Don't be shy. Hang a stunning 16x20 canvas or metal in your living area or kids room. Get 2 free mini accordion gift books with purchase. BONUS! Choose 5 gift prints with this add-on (A la cart value $850).




Each session includes 20 minutes of shooting time, 5 hi-resolution digital files and a print release. You can also upgrade and choose from many of the add-ons. I do offer a wide range of albums, from small, mini-albums to larger albums and frames. I also love creating statement pieces from the session that fit perfectly in your home. I have a limited number of spots available and they usually fill up quickly, so a deposit is needed to hold your space. Book yours today!





Still have questions? Email me.

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2018 Seniors https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/4/senior-photograher-denver



Senior season is here and we are pleased to introduce new package options as well as cool products and incentives. Yearbook photo deadlines are September-October so don't wait! Friends and pets are welcome to join the session. It's fun and you will have this year captured to remember forever. 

Starting now, book your senior portraits with Raemirue Photography and we will make a $20 donation to SECOR. Christian Brothers Automotive in Parker will match that making it a total of $40 will help feed a family of 4 for a month. Yes, you can make THAT happen!!

Click here for more information and pricing! 



Ready to find out which senior session is right for you?

Click here for more information and pricing! 


Customize your session

Equestrian session- add $250

Hair and Makeup- add $125

Add In studio- $150

A friend- $200 *friend receives Yearbook Collection



Earn cash for your referrals!

Seniors will receive $25 each time they refer a friend who book with us! Just call and let us know who you are referring and where to send the check!



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Colorado wedding published in Borrowed & Blue https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/4/Denver-wedding-photographer-published JUST RELEASED! 

Hayley and Aubrey's wedding just got published in Borrowed & Blue.

I photographed this destination wedding with Tammy Soweidy (my second shooter) last summer in Elizabeth, Colorado at the Inn at Canyon Creek.

Wedding photography is no joke. Aside from the enormous responsibility it is to NOT mess up, we sort through hundreds, sometimes thousands of images from the day, choosing the best ones. The A shots. Then the work of of editing, enhancing, retouching begins.


Here is a look behind the scenes...

Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography

Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography

"Why am I holding these?"


Lots of pictures just don't make the cut. But they are fun to see later!



Take a look at the pictures below and then click here to read the full post and see the final images!



This was taken 5 seconds before a money shot happened

Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography


Raemirue PhotographyRaemirue Photography

Click here to view the final published images on Borrowed & Blue


Your comments matter! Please share your thoughts below!

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Headshots at Southeast https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/3/headshots-denver-south Head shot photography is something I love doing. I have a studio in Parker but can also travel with a portable backdrop and lights. I like being able to help people feel good about their image. Simple retouching is part of that process.

So I'm a part of this single mom's group at Southeast Christian church. I'm always looking for ways I can contribute my talent as a photographer. I feel so grateful for what I have and am able to give my kids (food and a roof, to name a couple) and I know not every mom, even in Parker, Colorado, is able to provide that for their family.

Some wonderful women gave their time to put this workshop together and help other women with their resumes. Diana Riley, Your Mary Kay Lady, donated her make up services to give a little extra added touch to the photos.

I love to show the before and after shots. Retouching is something that most people (women especially) prefer and is included in all of my head shot and professional portrait images. 

© Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography © Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography

© Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography © Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography

© Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography © Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography

© Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography © Raemirue Photography© Raemirue Photography


If you'd like more information on head shots and professional images for business email me!





(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) business photography denver head headshots photographer photography portraits professional photos shots women https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/3/headshots-denver-south Mon, 27 Mar 2017 17:30:00 GMT
Denver Commercial Photography - Product & Lifestyle https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/3/Commercial-Photography-Denver This was a busy weekend full of shooting adventures all over town. The project included both product photography as well as lifestyle imagery for a new website in the making. If you don't know about On Your Face glasses, let me introduce you. The owner's name is Jen Stier and she contacted me because she needed stunning images of her eye glasses for a new online company, On Your Face. On Your Face Glasses gives voice, vision and a fitting image to women with fabulous taste and petite faces, by helping them see clearly and be seen at their best. All of the images on the website will be replaced with the work we have been doing over the several weeks and I can't wait to see the final product! First, here are some behind the scenes shots on the platform of Union Station in downtown Denver. Being a photographer is the best job ever. I have so much fun with my clients it almost doesn't feel like work. There is no such thing as a boring photo shoot!

behind the scenesCommercial photographyProduct photography   behind the scenesCommercial photographyProduct photography product photographyCommercial photo shootbehind the scenes

A big THANK YOU to my trusty assistants/models. I used a reflector and the Ice Light to create the images you will see at the end....

behind the scenesCommercial photographyProduct photography behind the scenesCommercial photographyProduct photography

Lisa was a pro with my Jedi Light Wand. 

Here are some of the 'BEFORE' shots

Product photographyOn Your Face Glasses Commercial Photography Product photographyOn Your Face Glasses Commercial Photography Product photographyOn Your Face Glasses Commercial Photography Product photographyOn Your Face Glasses Commercial Photography

So this weekend she gathered some smart, powerful, and beautiful women to represent her new brand. Every one of these women is a successful entrepreneur and they all work hard in their unique way to make this world a better place. We spent all day at and around Union Station and had a blast. I've just started the post production process and thought I'd share some pictures of the process. All of the actual product shots of the glasses have been completed, and this is the second half of the photography project. I have to say I'm loving commercial photography. Getting to meet amazing new people and scout for sessions on location in Denver is a blast.

And here are the AFTER shots... lifestyle photography On Your Face GlassesCommercial PhotographyProduct photography lifestyle photography On Your Face GlassesCommercial PhotographyProduct photography lifestyle photography On Your Face GlassesCommercial PhotographyProduct photography lifestyle photography On Your Face GlassesCommercial PhotographyProduct photography So there it is so far. Thanks for looking! If you know of a business owner who needs pictures, or better pictures of products for website and commercial use, send them my way! Keep checking back for more posts and please comment!

(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) commercial denver commercial photographer lifestyle portraits product https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/3/Commercial-Photography-Denver Wed, 01 Mar 2017 16:52:00 GMT
Boudoir mini sessions https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/1/boudoir-photographer-denver Boudoir mini session photography


As Valentine's Day is right around the corner, if you are anything like me you're looking for a unique gift for your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Every year when I was married I had the hardest time finding an outstanding gift for my husband that wasn't the same old box of chocolates or bunch of flowers! It was stressful, and honestly, I hated it. I never lived up to my own 'gifting' expectations. 

I designed this boudoir mini session for all you ladies and gents out there who want to do something different this year. These are classy, sexy images of the beauty that already exists in you, that you may not see about yourself. Celebrate your beauty as a woman and give a gift to you or someone special that you will cherish more and more as the years go by.


Boudoir photography is custom designed to your wishes. These will be done inside a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Parker, or a hotel room in the Denver Tech Center. 

sexy photosboudoir photographylegs

Call for details and to reserve your spot. Space is limited. RSVP required.




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What's New 2017 https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/1/whats-new-2017



To my past and present clients

Happy January to all of my incredible clients! In this New Year, I am completely filled with gratitude for all the amazing experiences I've grown and learned from over the last 12 months. I love each and every one of you so much and truly treasure the inspiration, ideas, light and beauty you've brought into my life. I couldn't have built my business without you. That's the truth! I wish you a year full of peace and prosperity, new ideas, and health. Thank you so much for being some of the very best clients any photographer could wish for.





to make your home more beautiful

& your business more profitable

This year I'm encouraging clients to make a commitment to decorate their home with beautiful photo imagery! If you own or manage a business, I challenge you to update and freshen up your website images, whether that be your existing head shots, or the products you sell. I'm here to help in any way I can, and will be offering free in-person consultations for home decor in partnership with Jessica Duce, with JDuce Designs. I will also be offering e-commerce and business imaging help. I look forward to helping you choose images, sizes, frames, print products, and special materials to refresh your walls and illuminate your business! Just email me or call the studio to set up a free in-home appointment!



New year, new studio changes! After extensive industry research I am updating my pricing structure for the new year and will be announcing the new price list shortly. Some packages have gone down, some have gone up, and some have gone away all together. Additionally, I have created new incentives for returning clients as well as referral rewards! I appreciate you, and I couldn't do this without you. If you have any questions about prices or photo packages for this coming year, just reach out. I'd love to share more with you!



I am so excited to officially announce the addition of "PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BUSINESS" to the services I am able to provide you. Aside from your portrait needs, many of you run your own business and I'm here to help. Photographing for a major magazine all last year, along with being active in the Chamber of Commerce, I have seen both the positive and negative impact images can have on a business. I'm her to help make yours great. Rise above your competition. Make a statement!



After months of planning, I'm thrilled to make many of your requests into a reality; mini sessions every season! I will be offering packages allowing clients to sign up for a "mini session membership". These mini's will be 'themed' or holiday sessions throughout the year. Be sure to follow along on FB or Insta for the latest offering in the next several months about the mini session lineup.


                                        Follow me on Facebook                                          


Instagram- raemirue















(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) appreciation clients new products what's year https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2017/1/whats-new-2017 Sun, 22 Jan 2017 19:27:22 GMT
Holiday mini session https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/11/holiday-mini-session Hi everyone!

Can I tell you how excited I am about these mini-sessions I'm rolling out for the holidays?!! I love being a photographer in Parker, Colorado. I have discovered so many hidden locations to conduct outdoor portrait sessions, sometimes its hard to choose!

I've been working on specials for the holidays that are quickly creeping up on us! So I created a fun portrait session (mini session) for the season. I thought what a perfect thing for those wanting some really nice pictures of your family and kids. It's even open to couples! Don't have a significant other? Don't worry. Me neither. This session is available for individuals as well and the price matches my regular head shot sessions, so everybody wins! Check out the flier and let me know if you have any questions. I will be photographing these mini sessions on two days only, in 30 minute increments. Space is limited to 10 sessions each of the two days (Saturday November 26th and December 3rd). 

December 3rd is already filling up, which is very exciting as this is the first time I have officially launched a mini session here in Parker, Colorado (or anywhere for that matter!) 

The location will be disclosed upon sign-up. It will be in or around the Parker area.

(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) family holiday kids mini session, mini-session photographer parker, co photography portraits raemirue https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/11/holiday-mini-session Mon, 14 Nov 2016 23:34:29 GMT
A Beautiful Family Portrait Session https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/9/a-beautiful-family-portrait-session  

I recently discovered this hidden gem of a place in Parker and had a fun family photography outing last weekend. The weather was gorgeous! I've found when I photograph small children the best thing to do is let them play and explore while I stand back with a long lens. 

Family PortraitsPhotography parker Family PortraitsPhotography parker

Harper and Noah are quite the pair. Noah played along with my directions to entertain his little sis. Family PortraitsPhotography parker Family PortraitsPhotography parker Family PortraitsPhotography parker Family PortraitsPhotography parker

And THIS HAT... Way to go Mom!

Family Portraitsfamily photography Family PortraitsPhotography parker

The holidays are just around the corner. Call to book your family portrait sessions for your holiday cards now!

(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) fall family light natural outdoors parker photography portraits summer https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/9/a-beautiful-family-portrait-session Fri, 23 Sep 2016 04:31:07 GMT
Back To School Mini Sessions https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/9/back-to-school-mini-sessions       Fall is quickly approaching. As much as I'd like to hold on to pony tails and tank tops, I have to admit I'm ready for a change. Business has really picked up this summer, and with the kids back in school I have more time to be creative, get connected to my local community, and shoot! Did I mention I'm working with Parker Lifestyle Magazine as their primary photographer? Super fun. AND I even scored the cover shot twice in a row! More to come on that...

      If you've never done a 'mini-session' you are going to love it. It's like a regular portrait session, with just you, your kids, or everybody! Only it's faster and to to the point. This is the first of 2 mini sessions I will be offering before 2016 is over, and if you weren't absolutely thrilled with the school pictures that are coming home right now, this session is for

you! I have limited space available, so it is first come, first serve. Check out the details below and give me a call to reserve a time that works for you. 

                                              The session will take place in Parker at my newly discovered secret location....


Also- out of this session you may want to order your holiday cards! I have included a link for Mixbook here to get a special discount on print orders and cards!


(2021 Raemi Rue Photography) 2016 autumn fall holiday cards kids mini-session mixbook photo cards portraits https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/9/back-to-school-mini-sessions Sat, 03 Sep 2016 16:56:21 GMT
Elizabeth, CO Wedding - Hayley & Aubrey https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/6/Denver-Wedding-Photographer-Hayley-and-Aubrey UPDATE:

This wedding has been published in Borrowed and Blue! Click HERE to see the full story!


May 28th, 2016

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE being a photographer in Colorado? Especially when I am honored with going out to the middle of nowhere to photograph a wedding. The weather held perfectly and gave me big puffy clouds for a good 3 hours before it decided to rain-just in time as we were finishing up the pictures. The bride and groom were such good sports! They let me take them to a barn down the dirt road to finish up their portraits after the ceremony. So this not-so-little retreat is a hidden gem in Elizabeth, Colorado and a great place for destination weddings and events. The owners turned it into a Bed and Breakfast called The Inn and Canyon Creek and it is stunning. If you're in the Denver area and want to get out to the country and breath definitely look these guys up!

Congratulations Hayley and Aubrey!

Thank you to you and your family for serving our country. It was a privilege to join you on this day of yours.

This wedding has been published in Borrowed and Blue! Click HERE to see the full story!

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real estate trends https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/3/real-estate-trends

Recently I've been having conversations with realtors regarding using a professional photographer for their MLS listings. After conducting a non-official poll from these engagements regarding real estate photography here is what I found.

A high number of realtors I spoke to who use a professional photographer to show off their listings seem to create and maintain a rapport with their buyers that is often lacking with the realtor who snaps their own photos and call it good enough. Don't get me wrong here- As it is a sellers market, I understand the choice to forgo hiring someone for photography when that home will sell regardless. But here's the thing. The quality of your images can represent the quality of how you do business. Those images say to your potential clients, "I care how I represent myself and my business. I take the extra step to showcase my products (in this case, houses) and I'll take the extra step to make sure this process for you is a good one".

Having professional photos tells clients that you take yourself and your business seriously. You don't mess around with the integrity of business operations, and are willing to go the extra mile. It may sound silly that an image can portray all this to a client, but I'm telling you- it does!

A compelling, attractive display of images can draw online visitors from all over the country. This is just one reason high quality photography is a cost effective marketing tool that will make up for itself over and over again, and is especially true for vacation rentals.

Your competitive edge- even though you may not need one in this market...

Your photographs will keep online visitors on your website longer. This means they will spend less time on a competitor’s website. Potential customers will likely go with the company that provides professional quality images over a company with only a few or low end, low quality photos. 

So ask yourself. How do you want to represent yourself and your business? Above average, or good enough? 

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Caroline & Lyle https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/3/caroline-lyle This was such a perfect day for a March wedding in Colorado. Caroline and Lyle were so fun to be with. The outdoor ceremony was at Mt. Vernon Country Club in Genesee. Here is a little sneak-peek of what we captured. 







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Wedding flowers repurposed https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/3/wedding-flowers-repurposed

I came across this video on Upworthy and was totally inspired. Instead of throwing away the flowers from a wedding at the end of the night, a florist will take them away and re-purpose them to give to nursing homes. Watch!



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Cost of a wedding in Denver https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/3/cost-of-a-wedding-in-denver Not a lot has changed in 15 years. According to the Wedding Wire, the average bride and groom are spending over $24,000 on their wedding in Denver, Colorado. Here is the average cost breakdown.


Venue (ceremony and reception     8,798

Catering     $6,877

Band     $3,848

Wedding Photography     $2,435

Rehearsal dinner and additional meals     $1,935

Wedding rings     $1,825

Flowers     $1,814

Event rentals (linens, chairs, tents, etc.)     $1,725

Wedding dress     $1,671

Videography       $1,658

Wedding planner     $1,637

Lighting and decor     $1,356

 DJ     $1,099

Transportation     $905

Wedding party attire     $675

Guest accomodations     $642

Invitations     $602

Wedding party gifts     $566

Wedding ceremony music     $514

Cake     $515

Hair and makeup     $483

 Wedding favorites and gifts     $451

Grooms attire     $333

Officiant     $279


Wedding EngagementDenver engagement couple

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TV interview https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/3/tv-interview I was interviewed by CNTV, a local TV station here in Colorado a couple years ago. Now that I have a new website I thought I would share it!

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Cool new products https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/2/cool-new-products I've been searching for the perfect album for so long. One that could be totally unique and express a style all its own. An album that represents you and your colors, your textures, your beauty. Take a look at these! The possibilities are endless here. Covers include the ability to combine unique leathers with cameo images, linen with textured leather, metal bindings, ostrich skin detail, and so much more. SO COOL! 


Check out this company's posts on Pinterest and you will get some super cool ideas. These albums are great for children's books and baby keepsakes too!

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Creekside with Jayden https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/2/surprise-project Good morning! I'm working on this project for a friend as her Christmas present. I borrowed her daughter for an afternoon to play with my kids and took a few shots. I'm ordering big 16" x 24" aluminum wall prints of these images for her. I think she'll love them! Surprise!!

And this one too. I know they are colored a bit different- one is warmer than the other but they can be displayed in different rooms. I just couldn't decide on one so I ordered both. Mixbook  is a great lab that offers beautiful metal wall art. They also have good deals all the time if you sign up for their emails. I highly recommend them!

Jayden portrait

I always love playdates combined with a mini photo shoot. I had set up to take one of Sophia's friends out to the park without letting her mom know I would be taking secret pictures of her as a Christmas gift. The weather held up perfectly for a Colorado day in December!

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Happy New Year! https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2016/1/happy-new-year I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled that 2015 is behind me. It definitely came with challenges and I grew and learned a lot about myself and what I want (and don't want) in my life. I'll be honest here. I got divorced. Yep. The Big D word entered my life when I had sworn it would never ever come close to my marriage. I've had to do a lot of soul-searching and forgiving (mostly of myself) but the good news is my two kids and I are moving forward and I couldn't be happier with my situation now. I'm free to be myself and work on my passion-photography, and start rebuilding my business after taking some time off.

In honor of this new year, which, in my humble opinion is going to be FANTASTIC, I'm cutting 3 portrait packages in half through January 31st.

Choose from the Playful, Flirty or Lucky packages and get 50% OFF!

Happy New Year!

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Family session in the snow https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2015/12/family-session-in-the-snow So I was a little nervous about session because of weather coming in...(you never know what you're going to get here in Colorado). The temperature was dropping fast but we had a great time! Thank you Terry and Luella! You have such a beautiful and fun family.


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In the works https://www.raemirue.com/blog/2015/9/in-the-works Hello! This blog is currently under construction and will be up and running shortly!

Thanks for patients and check back soon!



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