Advertising and lifestyle product photography

Investing in professional photography for your business will 

Increase sales

Reduce returns

Create credibility

Highlight your product

Engage your customers




Product shots can include:

  • Staged backgrounds with props
  • Detailed macro photography
  • Lifestyle for publications and ads
  • White background for e-commerce and Amazon
  • Basic post processing includes exposure and color correction 
  • Product blemish removal
  • High resolution digital files for web or print use
  • Fast online delivery
  • One week or less image delivery time depending on quantity

More Options 

  • Black background
  • Reflections or shadowing
  • Clipping path background removal 
  • Lifestyle staging with props
  • Groupings 
  • Virtual staging 



Understanding Pricing:

Most product photography is charged at an hourly creative fee of $200 with image licensing purchased separately. The hourly fee includes photographer's time, equipment, skill, insurance, as well as set up and break down.
License fees are typically based on the scope of usage granted under the license and will vary by size of the company and reach of the images. 


All images come retouched with color correction, sizing and cropping specific to Client needs. Images are delivered digitally in high resolution .jpeg or .png to a private online dropbox for download. Pricing below is a baseline that would include a non-exclusive unlimited usage license for a small business with one location.

20 images $950 + shoot time

50 images $1,800 + shoot time


The Return on Investment on professional photography can be exponential!

Monthly retainers are available for consistent social media content on a regular basis. This gives you a discount on standard pricing and takes the stress out of figuring out your social media content.



Understanding copyright and use licensing

Under the U.S. Copyright Office, the photographer always owns the picture they take. Even if a person hires a photographer to take pictures of a wedding, for example, the photographer will own the copyright in the photographs unless the copyright in the photographs is transferred, in writing and signed by the copyright owner, to another person. The subject of the photograph generally has nothing to do with the ownership of the copyright in the photograph.

When shooting for a client, the photographer grants a 'use license' to the client to use the photos for specific purposes. When hiring Raemirue Photography, client agrees that any and all images taken by photographer may be used by the studio for any purpose including but not limited to marketing and promotion. A full buyout license may be purchased for an additional fee. 


What is a USE LICENCE? Think about music and movies, just because you see it or listen to it doesn’t give you the freedom to own the rights to it or resell it. The fee you pay to listen to the song to or watch a movie is your usage fee. If you want to use a song in a movie, then your usage fee would be much larger than if you listen to it in your car. The larger the reach, the larger the fee.

Photography usage fees are much similar. Many people think "I paid for the image, so it's mine." This is a common misconception. 

The rights of the images stay with the creator under copyright law, unless otherwise sold. For example, a company hires a photographer to have custom images created. The images created are owned by the creator (the photographer) and a license is sold to the client to use the images. Here is a comprehensive article if you'd like to learn more.

There are many avenues to usage rights, and the rates can vary widely depending on the client, the brand, and the intended usage of the photography. Some considerations that go into usage rights fees are how will the images be used? What is the exposure or reach of the image? Will the images be used on the company’s website, print materials, print ads, social media, and or billboards? Will they be used locally or nationwide? And for how long (duration of use)? Each of these scenarios come with different price points.


You need to know what kind of usage license is being transferred to you when you hire a photographer. For example, usage rights for a Coca Cola campaign would be considerably more than the usage rights for a headshot for a local magazine, simply because the exposure is more significant. Generally speaking, the larger the scope (seen by more people), the larger the fee.


Now with the age of social media age, brands can get in front of more people. Influencers are contracted to produce content that sits of their own personal channels. Any additional usage is beyond that industry standard benchmark, so using the image anywhere else should be expected to cost more: extra requirements equal an additional fee.


As stated before, usage rights can vary greatly. However, the purpose of this article is to share with my clients three of our most basic usage agreements used on our contracts to help our clients better understand what it means for them.


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