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Stunning images produce stunning profits.

Making sure you have professional photos tells clients that you take yourself seriously–and so can they.

Lots of photographers can take pictures of houses and buildings for your real-estate needs. With us you can expect images that have been fully edited and retouched to exemplify the nature of your property. I deliver beautiful, colorful, dynamic shots of your location and an easy-to-use digital delivery service. You will always find a photographer who will offer cheap prices. Be sure to check out the portfolio of the one you hire! Providing great service that is individualized, customized, professional and friendly is important.  My goal is to help you get what you want. Each assignment is created with a goal in mind so as to meet your specific needs to market your business and service. 

Increase Profits

A compelling, attractive display of images can draw online visitors from all over the country. This is why a high quality photography is a cost effective marketing tool that will make up for itself over and over again.

Your Competitive Edge

Your photographs will keep online visitors on your website longer. This means they will spend less time on a competitor’s website. Your potential customers will tend go with the company that provides professional quality images over a company with only a few or low end, low quality photos. The quality of your images represents the quality of your product. I think sometimes people forget this.

Your investment is worth it and shows the client you care about the details

    Both exterior and interior - Starting at $225

What’s Included

  • Post-production and enhancement on all photographs including:
    • Color-correction/enhancement and cropping
    • Lens-correction (as desired)
    • Exposure correction
    • Online Client Portfolio
    • Image sizing
    • Shared copyright
    • 20-30 images 

Add a virtual tour! ($100)


Lens distortion correction

Wide-angle lenses allow photographers to cover tight spaces in a single shot. Wide angles, however, can create distortion and exaggerate skewed angles. Being able to digitally correct this phenomenon allows much more control over the feel and content of the final image.  

Color correction/sharpening

Different light sources create light at different color temperatures. All images are color corrected, enhanced and sharpened.

*Extensive retouching is available upon request. This may include elimination of flaws to enhance aesthetics such as removal of power lines and tree branches, dirt or trash in or around surrounding courtyards, street, parking lots, etc. Addition of blue sky and clouds is also available.

**As every client's needs are unique, the listed prices are estimated at a base rate for real estate photography. Please contact me for inquiries regarding commercial photography usage rights and pricing.


Licensing photographs

Photographs are licensed by photographers to clients. A photographer always owns the photographs he/she takes.

When shooting for a client, the photographer grants a license to the client to use the photos for certain purposes. When hiring Raemirue Photography, it is agreed to by client unless otherwise stated that any and all images taken by photographer may be used by the studio for any purpose including but not limited to marketing and promotion. Client may purchase exclusivity rights.


Your images are captured with top of the line Canon cameras. A variety of lenses are used to achieve your desired look.

Canon 10-22mm wide angle, Canon 24-70mm f/4.0, Canon 50mm f/2.8, Canon 70-200mm


All of my expenses are included in the price within 20 miles of E-470 and I-25 corridor. Additional fee applies to longer distance travel time.


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